Saturday, June 26, 2010

The shortcut to college

Training for Talent Time Night is finishing later each day
This one night I was really tired
So instead of going for our usual supper
I decided to go back
But how?!
The long way back to the hostel is just too long
And the shortcut is closed at 10.30
But I decided to try the latter cos sometimes it isn't locked.

The long walk alone was really scary
Jungle on my left and crickets sounds
Made me feel weak in the knees
The walk felt like forever
Began talking to God out loud
And singing worship songs
Trying to drown out the crazy creepy sounds

Reached the first gate
Thankfully it's open!
The second gate?
Not so great...
It was locked!!
After that whole frightening walk?
No way am I gonna take the road more taken
Decided to climb the fence
Got a "short cut" like literally!!
The sharp wires on top the fence
Those that keep the bad guys out
Scratched me so deep
Immediately it started to bleed

Called my friends for help
And managed to climb and jump over
Thanks to them fior supporting the wobbling green fence

Reminds me of our walk with God
There isn't really any shortcut to God
Yes, Jesus is the only way
And reading the Bible and praying will lead us closer and faster
But without all these we may just go nowhere

But it helps when my mom tells me
"You take 1 step towards God, he takes 10 steps towards you"
God is always there!
We just have to know it and believe!

So whether there's a shortcut or not
The path less traveled is where I'll go
It may be scary or even creepy at times
But God is with me, He's right by my side

And I'll have friends who'll lead me back
To lead me back on the right track
Like how my friends helped me with the fence
I really appreciate my christian friends

So if "shortcut" is referred to as a "way"
Then Jesus is my shortcut, my only way
No need jaw sticks
No need rituals
Just a relationship
No strings attached
May be the shortcut less traveled
But will forever be the path I'll follow...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emotions aside, My Daddy's by my side

It has been a crazy ride!
Just like a roller coaster at height
The screams and shouts you just can't hide
And even throwing up you just might!

Ok, so it's not that bad
I do get sad, tired and frustrated
But not to the point of throwing up
But still to the point of giving up

The MC training has been quite tough
Talents sometimes get rough
Situations gets pretty tense
And anger and disappointment are not just pretense

Plus there are task works, tutorials and tests
Assignments, assignments and assignments
The deadlines come so fast
Sometimes you even forget to take your bath
(just joking!!! I never missed a shower, just cos it rhymes XD)

I'm happy that I managed to finish a huge assignment
To cover all the cabinet ministers of our country
30 ministers can take very long
But with 3 hours of sleep, I barely managed

These past 2 weeks my emotions were crazy
One time your high, the next second your not
Getting all demotivated again
You wonder whether life's worth living

But I took mom's advice to not slack on devotion and prayer
Seems illogical cos time is what I'm fighting
But I'm glad I did and gave the first time of my everyday to God
And He has helped me a seriously whole lot

The stress is less
The confidence is back
Cos no matter what happens
My God has my back

Its supernatural that I could just sleep for 3 hours
And not get tired the next day
And had a friend to accompany me til 5 am
I know he's God sent

I'm more in control of myself now
Of course the control is in God's hands first
But through this one month of college
I have felt Him and drawn closer to Him
(cool huh, cos college life is where the test of our faith stands)

I have zero depression
And good emotions
Peace at heart
And a God that's smart

Reality check
I may still feel sad
For life as a Christian
Is just easier said
But I should have no fear
For He's forever near
Emotions aside
My Daddy's by my side!!!

(my dad, my friend, my king- He's unbeatable!!!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When life is down...

Just did a not-so-good performance last night. Not-so-good would be an understatement. We did really really really bad. So bad there were bad vocabs included(in the comments). I think all 6 of us felt real down. We tried our best but personally, I think my nerves got the best of me when my partner went, "for this group you just say everything lah" How do we work in pairs if only 1 of us is gonna talk! so it ended up me dominating him in a really bad way while I made a total fool of myself.

When life is down, it just comes to show
That if there's no down, there will be no up

Will we understand the true meaning of happiness
If we've never felt sad
For how should we grade it
On a solo plat it stands

We did very badly
Worse then a terrible medley
The jokes weren't funny
And the lines never cut it

Already feeling down
The comments made us way below down
Making people seem useless
To the extent of thinking they were a mistake

So what, it's just this one time
I don't think we're back to square 1
We just have to keep practicing
And in ourselves keep on believing

The up side of this whole situation?
It just got me closer to God
Knowing that I can't lean on my own understanding
But believe in the way things work with Him

It may seem illogical
Sometimes even superficial
But things are so real with Him
Life just turns into a whole new meaning

Still felt down this morning
So listened the voice of Brooke Fraser singing
The worshipers in Hillsongs
Just made me felt even more smaller

They're so talented and good at what they do
The way they write and make music to our King
Would I ever hold up to people's expectation?
They said they were disappointed in me

But then I think again
I don't have to lean on people's perspective on me
I solely have to rely on God's
For on Him is where I stand

And the way God looks at me
Is the same way He looks at Brookie
Created in His image
Perfected in His sight

I hope my friends will feel the same way
To not think they were an accident
For when God is in sight
The sorrow turns to joy
Even when life is down...