Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook does not define you.

Its everywhere.
Guards use it.
Housewives use it.
Businessmen use it.
Teachers use it.
Entrepreneurs use it.
People working at the information desk use it.
Babies use it.
Dogs use it.
And not to mention the millions or billions of students who cant live without it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in this cyber world
We communicate with people better online than off
Not knowing that personal contact and touch is way better
Compared to typing, typing and just typing
Sometimes we don't even realize the rubbish we're throwing

We evaluate or presume someone based on their Facebook profile
The more friends they have, "they're cool".
The more games they play, "they can help me out with this level".
The more pictures they take, "they're so self-absorbed".
The more they talk about the things they do
"faith, work, family, or even the things they sell"
"Too holy"
"Such a workaholic"
"No life"
"So desperate"
It never ends

When Mark Zuckerberg created this
I don't know whether this was in his mind
I doubt it because he said it was mainly to share his sister's wedding pictures

Turned out to be a phenomenon.

So Facebook,
Is there more pros than cons
Or cons than pros?

Something I'll never know.

The thing is
I have come to places where I feel all sad because no one visited my wall
Or I don't have enough friends compared to my pals
I'm not increasing in any level on the games I play
And I don't have cool pictures like the rest

But all that has changed.

Facebook does not define me,
God does.

A friend posted something on my wall
And was surprise to see my reply on hers
She thought that I would write it in the comments area

Reminded me of how I would have done that long ago
Just so that people can see how many comments I have
Or how many people writes on my wall
But its different now

I'm growing up
And beginning to realize
That although it may seem
That Facebook is everything
I mean kids spend 4 hours on it per day
And thats far from the extreme.
Its not who I really am

Yes, people do see my information
Yes, they see my profile
My pictures, my whereabouts, my friends
But they don't see the real me
My physicality, my feelings, my emotions
My height =P, my life, my faith

And so many are basing their friends on these profiles
That may not even be true!

We can say we're ok
We're fine
We're lonely
We're depressed
We're bored
We're this, We're that
We're emoing
We're frustrated
We're happy
Or whatever
But who knows the truth but you?

Some people use Facebook to tell off others.
Some use it to get things they want.
Some use it to make friends.
Some people use it to release emotions and stress.
Some use it for the right reasons
Some use it for the wrong.

Whatever the reason,
Lets not based someone on what's on they're profile.
It may be a show.
It maybe a cover up.
It may be a fluke.
It may not even be them!
(some mean people love impersonating others)

So the next time you go on Facebook
Face it, it may be on your other tabs by now =P
Try not to judge someone on what they just wrote
Or whats on their wall, or what others say on the comments
Or how many friends they have
And not even on what they look like in their pictures.

You never know
You may be missing out on a really really nice friend
Someone who may help you in the future
Or just a sounding board or a lending ear
Seriously?! You never know.

So lets not care when people throw negative statements.
And let us not always think they're referring to us.
Let us give everyone the benefit of a doubt.
For everyone has that sweet soul in them.
God loves them and so should we.
Let God do the judging and not steal His role.

Facebook does not define who you really are.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Being Home

To sit at my piano and play the keys
To hear the sound of the tv
To hear my sister strumming her guitar
To see my mom wanting to see her favourite series
To know that my aunty is sleeping early
To see my grandma trying to exercise
To know that my kakak is sleeping soundly
All these are but a part of being home.

You rarely look at what you actually see
The ones we love sometimes we never take notice
Of how they do the things they do
The way they anticipate their favourite show
Or how they hog onto the computer
How they're discipline in they're own way
Or even how they sleep at night.

Going to college
Is like taking a step back
Or more like taking a step out

Zooming in on each family member
Making it clearer of what has
Always been in front of our eyes
Seeing the beauty in the littlest things

Like how my mom is putting so much effort in her work
She doesn't even want a day off
But we gotta stop her for even God rested. =)

Or how my sister spends so much time on the computer
With guitar in hand, never resting til she gets the music right
She not only has talent, but she also has passion.

How my aunt leads people so selflessly
Putting others in front of herself
Never complaining just simply loving.

Even the way my grandma holds herself
Despite being blind she never sighs
Doing things and praying even better than some of us.

And how my kakak has been a huge part of our lives
Cooking and cleaning,loving and caring
Especially when grandpa was still here.

As for grandpa, I still miss him so
His gentle spirit and kind heart
Will be something I'll learn to follow.

I should be saying all of these before I leave
But somehow its only a few hours and I'm already learning
Seeing things that before I've never seen
And reliving the memories of what's truly family

I'll savour the moment
And cherish every second
For what God has given me

Where each one lives for the other
And everyone lives for God

I'm so grateful for
Being home.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Bye Hostel, We Will Meet Again

Sitting here by my laptop
Listening to Daughtry
Reminiscing on my college/hostel life
Knowing that this will be my last post for this semester

Cant wait to go home
To see my family, friends and church
I really miss them so
They'll always be a part of my heart

But still I cant but to just sit in ponder
At all the things that have happened in this 2nd semester
The first sem was already amazing but the second was better
In awe I still wonder

The new friends I met
The new experiences I felt
The disappointments I faced
And the abounding Joy I had

All these will be added into my mental diary
Somewhere deep in my mind
And they shall never be forgotten
As I remember them at whichever moment

Cant believe that God has truly blessed me with so
Nothing I did to deserve all these
But yet He has blessed me with such as these
To just gaze at His awe and beauty I just cant resist

Life has been like a roller coaster ride
The fun ones that makes our hair rise
Not because they're super duper scary
But because the moment you feel on top of the world
You can have a instant fall the next moment
(what do I know,I've never sat on one =P)

Its just been crazy!!
In a good and wonderful way that is

Played CS and L4D last night
As something I'll do for my last night
A few of us and the pro left early
The game didnt go as expected

Slept over at my friends room
We're like part of the 10% of Diploma's left
Everywhere is so quiet
But I kinda like this difference

She lives on the 3rd floor
So coming down the stairs this morning
Looking at a part of the green grass on the other side
Between the guys block
I have never seen it from this aspect

Got me thinking how sometimes we see things
In our own way or perspective
Never realizing that things can be
Way better and prettier than what is seen

Hostel has opened up my eyes
To the wildness and tameness of how college life could be
We choose to live it this way or that
Sometimes forsaking what comes after that

I love my hostel
Believing its where God has placed me
At this time and at this moment of my life
I am truly where I am suppose to be

Packed my stuff, cleaned my room
And off the airport soon will I be
Ok, Daughtry really makes you feel homesick
But home is where the heart is
And that's where I want to be

Thank you God for everything
The people and experiences
The wonder of Your glory
And your awe-inspiring presence

And thanks for putting me here in hostel
I place that I have fallen in love with

Good Bye Hostel
I would wanna say thanks for the memories
But it is only the beginning
I'll save that for another time
For we will meet again.<3>

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre-CPR feelings...

I don't know why
Why I'm feeling like these
Just washed my clothes
And unpacked my stuff

Soon I'll be packing again
And back to Melaka I'll be going yet again

Got some homework to do
Some mails to check
And some blogs to see

Man! Is God really working or what?
So many spiritual attacks
Here, there and everywhere

People getting sick
Us getting lost in traffic
5 hours around KL roads
Is seriously no joke...

Went to a friend's blog
And Hillsongs "With Everything" was playing
The intensity that just filled my room that instant!
The presence of God and the conviction in heart

Knowing that yesterday I went to Melaka
To have fun and to bond with friends
Today, I'm going back there
To bond with the team and mostly with God

I'm just in awe with the way God works
Touching me through a friend's blog
Making sure I give Him my everything
Not only as a committee but in all aspects

I'm really really excited bout this CPR
Short for "Committee Planning Retreat"
It will be a great great experience
Just feeling God's sweet sweet presence

I bind the work of the evil one right now
And speak for myself and the rest of us going
That through God we can do anything
And through Him we can do all things

Despite the fatigue
Despite the lethargy
We're gonna do it well
As we do it together for God

We're totally ready
So would you just start moving in everyone of us even right now
Saturate us with your love
Soak us in Your presence
Fill us with the Holy Spirit
Make us one as a team
And especially one with You


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God is truly watching over me

Sometimes we feel so low we don't know what to do
How did things come to this
"Am I that mean" we think
I should have better foreseen

We enter this vicious merciless cycle
Where there's no clear end
Where the beginning starts
Or where it ends
Where the good begins
Or where the bad ends

Its so hard to comprehend
How things can go out of hand

The things said and done
The words we cant take back
The hurt inflicted
Is more than just red blood

It pierces through your heart
And you don't know what to do, say or think
But to do just the easiest
And let the river flow

Miscommunications and misconceptions
Hindering the form of good relationships

Its just so hard sometimes
Maybe I have to improve on my part
To be a better friend
So that no one's apart

To remember everyone
That God has placed around me
To treasure them
And handle with care

But what is done is done
And what is said is said
It is just so hard!

My true friend, the One above
Never dissapoints
He gave me Psalms 116
Pointing out verse 6
"The Lord protects the simplehearted,
when I was in great need, He saved me."

He look pass my failures
Pass my insecurities
Pass the mistakes I've made
Pass the wall I've put up
Pass the external
And looks into my heart

He's always been there for me
I can truly see Him
And on those days when I can't
I see Him through my friends and loved ones

They tell me that people make mistakes
And it is ok
That we're really living for God
And not for the sake of men

I'm feeling better now
Glad that I have this blog to escape
And God to be my guide
Friends who accept me for who I am
And a mom who gives great godly advice

What more can I say?
God is truly watching over me
Keeping His eyes on me
Never letting things get to far
Protecting me
Caring for me

As He watches over me
I'll watch over the things He has placed before me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If only curiosity of creation leads to curiosity of the Creator...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wisdom from books...

You can never have enough wisdom from just reading books
Even if you read all the books in the world
You will never be able to fathom God
And that's just the beauty of it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 - 2011

It is already 2 days into the new year
And its crazy how time flies
Sometimes I really do wish I can stop time.
Just freeze it for a moment.
Relive all my memories.
The pleasant and not so pleasant ones
And just take a step back and gaze in awe of how God has crafted my life

As I reflect upon last year
I really hope I haven't fallen short of His glory
His magnificent plan for my life
Did I do everything that was planned out for me by Him?
Did I say the right words at the right time?
Did I slack in anything that may have pushed me off the path of righteousness?
Even if it is just a little?
Did I give my best in everything I do?
All my past glories- the trophies, medals and titles, did I give God the glory?
Did I think to myself "WWJD" before I made any small or big decisions?

Most importantly:
Did I spend enough time with my dear Heavenly Father?
To just sit in His awe-inspiring presence and gaze at His beauty

There are so many things I'm grateful to God for,
The prayer group. CF. TT Night.
My room. My bed. My guitar.
My laptop. My new phone. My wombat.

Me precious wombat!
(which was stolen/went over to Andrea's to stay the night)

My family. My phone line. My internet connection.
My friends. My love. My life.
My Dad. My King. My Companion.

The friends I love!
(There's more than this)

And the list can go on and on.....

Like seriously...

I can go on and on...

Until my heart is content...

As I list out every single deed God has blessed me with...

But time and space here is limited..

So I would stop.

But seriously, there's so much more.

Sometimes I feel like all these is surreal.
These blessings from God
What did I do to deserve all these?

Its like I'm from the inside looking out
Or rather on the outside looking in

How this girl has been so loved and cared for by the One who loves her
Surrounded by people that accepts her for who she is
Protected and comforted

I just stand amaze at what God has done for me thus far.
I can honestly say that 2010 has been one of the best years of my life.
A mark in my history.
A year I will never forget.

I was drawn closer to God.
Learnt to be independent.
Met many wonderful people.

I'm truly content and love every bit of my life right now.

I hope that 2011 will be even better.
(hard to comprehend though, cos whatever happened in 2010 is way beyond comprehension.)

But for now, I'm grateful for God has blessed me with such as these... =D