Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A small box of Cornflakes

Yet another day of power-cut in school. Its getting way too often here in KK, typical even. (someone has to do something or anything with this issue, its crazy actually, the power supply here in KK isn't enough to be shared around so they have to cut the power supply in a few places so that it can be used by other places, this will go on for 3 to 5 hours and sometimes even a whole day!!! Where are our taxes going anyway?!? haha, just kidding, I love this country & support it. But for this issue something has to be done)

Anyway, back to the topic. So the 3 year old kids were drenched in sweat cos of the weather-it felt like 40 degrees today! And during break time this girl Alexis took out her 2 boxes of cereals, the small kind though. She wanted to give 1 to her cousin Sheryl, but she didn't want it. So she gave it to me! I didn't know it at first, talk about being slow, so I gave it back to her. She went, '' you want or not, I give you!'' Then I said, "why you want to give me?". "Because I like you!" , talk about maximum cuteness! I love being a kindy teacher so so much!

Children here teach me more than I ever imagined. I witness girls giving their hands to younger girls to hold when their scared, other kids touching faces of peers their same age asking them not to cry, kids sharing their food, and some cute puppy love too.=)

Oh ya, Sheryl also asked Alexis not to cry when she got scolded by a teacher. "Alexis, you want me to teach you to dance? Don't cry already." And then accompanying Alexis wherever she went. Sheryl also happens to be leading the 3 and 4 year old dance when she's only 3. Maturity in a kid- priceless! That's right, no more teacher standing in front letting the kids follow the steps, the children will just look at her! I wish I'll have a daughter like that.....

Working in a kindy
Makes life seem so easy
Care-free children everywhere
Never caring about messy hair

You see different things everyday
Never knowing, come what may
Children acting beyond their age
Giving us a good message

Like how Sheryl touches Alexis
Asking her not to cry
Telling her she'll teach her dance
Hope they don't see my intrigued glance

Or how they come to you
The moment you walk through that door
Showing you what pure love is
Taking your hand, no strings attached

How Alexis gives you her cereal box
Not to gain your favor
But to show her love
In her own words? ''I like you mah"

Or how they speak more then the day before
The words that flow out of their mouth
Its a blessing to see their vocabulary
Extend so voluntarily

Like when Chloe talks about her mom
Or Yew Choon about His dad, mom, baby and kakak
Or even when Pui Man screams
"Kenapa tutup pintu?"
When the door is shut in her face

But what happens after this year?
In this journey I go further
One things for sure
Memories of kids never unsure

Will I feel different
In my life not having them present
Nose pressed against the window glass
I'm on the outside looking in

I wish the best for them
Giving them my best attempt
To love, care and pass onto them
The undivided Love God has put in me

Praying that they'll be grateful
For their wonderful parents
But learning about and never forgetting
The Daddy we share who is up in Heaven.

For Jesus loves the little children!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Many Blogabouts

Looking through blogs I see personalities
Different ones that have no boundaries
Some express transparently
While others give freedom to your imaginary
Not ending their post with a straight-up conclusion
But leaving it a mystery for your own addition.

I see so many people
Friends, politicians and strangers
Voicing out not only thoughts, opinions and facts
But also their hurts, their pain, their regrets
Are they seeking attention
Or finding a way for escape?

Its sad to see old mates
Sweet and nice as they truly were
Ramble and fret over growing pains
Changing as the world around them changes
Being someone God wouldnt be proud of
Looking at life as if its fated.

They cry for help, comfort and attention
Which of course is really what they need
But guidance, morals & principles have suddenly been forsaken
They find love in all the wrong places
And find pleasure in doing the wrong things
When what they truly need is God's undying love.

Some blog about their insecurities
Like when they have no makeup on
But God is our security, the truth we all should know
Some blog about hurting oneself, the pleasure of scarring themselves
But dont they know that Jesus went through enough pain
So that none on us will remain?

There are so many things to blog about
A new generation I like to call Bloganation
Politicians use it to make their statements, to connect with people
Celebrities update fans with their new casting roles & movies
But its teenagers who truly blog not just for the sake
But for the sake of their cries, their hurts, their pain.

Thousand of titles are written everyday
Some typical others not so friendly
Some start with F words
Others with randomness
But it all comes down to the same thing
They're trying to voice out something or even to prove their point.

As I read what is written
I see some write about every detail of their life
While others write about what they hate
Some just do it for the attention
While others write about stuff we can relate
There's just so many things we can really blog about.

So while politicians and celebrities have good reasons to blog about
Either to raise their voice or promote their latest movie
What about us the normal people?
We shouldnt stay in our own obscurity
We have a right to continue blogging
To let go and share our hearts cry.

Its a free world we're living in
But too much freedom
Makes life to care-free
No rules, no boundaries
Statements said that can never come back
We should really watch what we blog about.

Are our blogs representing us?
Not just the layouts and templates
But the real us deep down
When we put off the mask that smiles ever so often
And reveal the truth of oneself from within
Is it postive or negative, Christ-like or undefined?

We may wanna let others know how we feel
The hurt they may have inflicted
Or the joy we feel after chatting with someone close
We may wanna write just as a hobby
Or do it like everybody
But its true when they say what you see is what you get.

So are people getting a good picture of us
When they read the pieces in our blogs
Do they represent who we really are
Or reflect the ugly side or something far
Are we proud of what we write
Through thoughts and poems, for some even swear words.

I write beacuse I love it
Its therapy for my soul
I write when I'm happy
I write when I'm sad
I write about my regrets, doubts and fear
But even more of my gratitude to God for being near.

I write to let go
So it wouldnt be too physical
No shouting or screaming needed
Just sounds from the typing keys
And by the end of every post
I know I cant just let go but I have to let God!

The stuff to blog about are endless
But I wouldnt want mine to be meaningless
And since I know my purpose for life
I'll write about God's glory
Cos for me He's never boring
That way I can tell you how much I love Him!

So what do you usually blog about?
Food, clothes, friends?
Or even your deepest secrets?
It actually doesnt matter
It can be a long long letter
But be careful cos our hearts will truly be reflected.

When people look at your blog
Do they see the real you they see everyday
Or a part of you they didnt know exist
Dont get me wrong
You go ahead and blog what you want
But in the future when you look back would it be something you are proud of.

If you're a christian, lets blog about Jesus's love
Of His awesomeness and the way he died but came back to life
Of the miracles He has done in you and me
They may not be popular or hot topics
But who cares, we're just being true to ourselves
Let's never paint a bad picture of living for Christ.

So go ahead, lets use this new technology
To type our many blogabouts
Doesnt matter what we write about
There has to be true happiness and sadness in a real persons life
Not all entries have to be about cloudy sunshines and bubblegum rainbows
Some may be about hurt and despair
Its really unlimited the things we can share.

But I'm gonna continue blogging
About everything and anything under the sun
But hopefully its mostly about God
For there's just so much to talk about Him
The comforts He gives me
For being my daddy, my friend and King!

I'm gonna write about my silverlinings
People I know who have finished a tough leg of their race
Or events that seem to have no hope
But end up bringing more joy then we can ever imagine
Cos there's always a ray of sunshine
Behind that bright cloud which was dark before the rain.

So how about you?
What are your blogabouts?
Are they emotional, poetic or dramatic?
Just remember our hearts are reflected in what we write
So be careful and wise
For what you see is what you get


Monday, September 14, 2009

God vs Hannah Montana (thoughts of a 6 yr old)

Was sitting in for another teacher today during daycare. Set with a group of 6 year olds, helping them with their homework. A girl finished so she started talking.

Girl: Do you like Hannah Montana?
Me : She's ok.
Girl: I like her orh...
Me : -----
Girl: I like God!
Me : Why?
Girl: Because when people pray He will help them.
Me : But have you seen God?
Girl: No. But I believe.
Me : Who taught you that?
Girl: Myself.
Me : Why do you like Hannah Montana?
Girl: I don't like Hannah Montana, I like God.
*(wow, quick change of mind, but a good one at that)
Me : Do you know what is faith?
Girl: Yes, believing.
Me : In what?
Girl: God!
*Another boy at the same table listens in on our conversation.
Boy: I believe in Buddha.
Girl: He say he believe in what? Dha?
Boy: Buddha.
Girl: Why you believe in Buddha?
Boy: Because I'm a Buddhist.
*Girl doesn't know what to say or how to react but of course wasn't judging. Maybe because she didn't quite understand or it was beyond her. But she didn't let it rattle her pure childlike faith.
Girl: God is good, all the time! (starts singing Don Moen's "God is good")
Me : Does your mom pray at home?
Girl: Yes. She prays really long until I fall asleep. But my dad doesn't. He prays very short
cos he's too tired, he works high up in the mountains.
Me : Do you know what is praying in tongues?
*She points to her tongue. I laugh.
Girl: But I know what you mean. =)

Here, we see the mature thoughts towards God from a 6 year old. Not looking down upon others who don't share the same beliefs. Her faith isn't childish but childlike, which is exactly what God wants us to have. She is on the right track and I pray that she will lead many on the right path. And to sum this whole entry in a good way, wanna know her name?


That's right! Her name is Faith!!! What an appropriate name her parents gave her. She is really living out her life truly to her own name and especially to God's standards. Not one bit ashamed of the faith she has. And to her the word "faith" is pretty simple, not just believing in anything..... but in her words....



Sometimes I don't know what to do,
All I know is to look up to You.

Sometimes I just can't seem to understand,
But You're always there helping me make a stand.

Sometimes things can go all weary,
But You'll turn up making things easy.

Sometimes stuff aren't what they seem,
But in everything You'll always be seen.

Sometimes we cant control what life throws at us,
But you're always there to catch us from falling.

Sometimes life may seem like 1 big blur,
But behind that You're the one whose near.

Sometimes life can feel like such a mess,
But it always turns out a beautiful phase.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Against the flow I Go

Was talking to my mom just now, cos I felt a bit guilty of maybe not acting like myself in front of people. How do I put this, it kinda showed me how I will react if I go elsewhere for further studies. The ways I will act according to the different environments I'm in. I think I sway pretty easily, but I'm praying that I wont.

Remembering words of Ps. Kenneth Chin from the Acts church, in a REVO camp, he challenged the youth to go against the flow. Like there's this big wave coming your way, the wave of peer pressure, drugs, swearing, lies and sex. (sounds harsh, but that's reality) Or even the way you carry yourself, the way you talk, the little decisions you make. Are they Godly decisions or are they based on impulse. Back to the topic, Oh No!!! The flow's coming our way! but we have to be strong and go against the flow, no matter how hard it is. We'll just bend our knees deeper, strive harder, push stronger and fight. It isn't one bit easy but God is with us. Plus we have our full armour on!

But what really struck me were the wise words of wisdom from my mom in this mornings conversation. She said," wherever you go you have to be so full of God's light that darkness cant touch you" for there's just isn't any space for it! my heart and soul has to be so filled with His presence that there is no more room for unwanted stuff, and I think thats so cool! Living life to the fullest God's way...against the flow of the world.

I'm writing this so that I can account to myself. Whenever I feel things of the world are sinking into me, I'll remember what I wrote and walk my talk!

Against the flow I go
It isn't easy I know
Here it comes my way!
God, help me push not sway

Against the flow I go
The flow the world follows
sex, lies and drugs
like creepy slimy bugs

Against the flow I go
curled up fist
bended knees
The armor of God on me

Against the flow I go
I hope I'm not alone
Friends with the same faith
We go through the same pains

Against the flow I go
Letting His light shine
So full of it in me
No room for dirty darkness

Against the flow I go
with God's mighty army
We're all set for battle
Ready to claim our victory

Against the flow we go
Get set, ready, let's go!
Win our friends for Jesus
For with that no one loses

Against the flow I go
No looking back
Just straight ahead
For I know my Dad is waiting
right there on the other end
As I run my race and fight my battle
there He'll be cheering me on
He'll also be by my side
following my pace
although a king
He's full of love and compassion
yet He fights my battle with Power
So it makes it easier
why 2 of us are together
That way It'll be not so hard
as I
Go Against The Flow!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Never box Him up

Sometimes we tend to box God up. He is almighty God, creator of the universe but sometimes we still see Him smaller than the famous, like the Queen of England or Michael Jackson. Just watched "The Oprah Show" last night & a crew went into her 484,000 square ft palace to get a glimpse of her life, and oh how majestic it was. Or another example like looking at Michael Jackson perform, its just amazing with the talents he has! But our God created them, and is way bigger and better than them, yet He's not getting the credit He deserves. So thought I should put my thoughts on paper:

Oh how we serve a majestic God
Yet He isn't getting the credit he ought
Stars like Miley
Getting more highly

Fans scream and shout
At concerts and matches
While we're here having every reason to shout
About our God, oh He'll be so proud!

But we still am quite
while fans rock the stadiums
Are we ashamed or afraid?
Of the One who was slain?

People cant have a normal conversation
with even the Queen of England
Yet we have all day with our King
But why aren't we speaking?

Michael Jackson was a legend
But it stops there, that's right, The End
For even now the King of Pop
Has to bow down to the King of Kings

So lets not box God up
For He's there high up
Looking down on creation
Us, the very people He created

Expecting us to be undignified for Him
That we may scream & shout at the top of our lungs
For all the goodness He has done
Sadness in Him there's none

Lets thank Him with all our hearts
For not just being a King
But also a daddy and friend.
Which is no reason why we should box Him up!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things aren't exactly what they seem

Just came home from church, feeling really tired cos I'll have to go to youth again in like 15 minutes! But feel I really have to do this...

Do you have loved ones close to you, leaning onto you a bit way too much?
Like your their lifeline, the number to call on those yellow pages in times of trouble, and I mean only when they're in trouble.
When they need money, or a ride cos their car broke down.
Just got out of a similar situation.
Couldn't stand it anymore, tried to control the tears.
And before I knew it, with Divine timing, the song "Arms open wide" from the latest Hillsong United album, played in the car.

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

Take my moments and my days
Let each breath that I take
Be ever only for You oh God

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

My whole life is Yours
I give it all
Surrendered to Your name
And forever I will pray
Have Your way
Have Your way

2 tears escaped from my eyes, don't exactly know what I felt, but didn't quite like it.
Then I looked out into the skies and saw just this 1 shining star, that didn't exactly looked like one. Asked God about it, got the feeling it was really a star but still doubtful. Then God gave me this answer,

"Things are not always what it seem, sometimes they happen for a reason, but just leave everything into My hands, your fears, doubts, friends and also the loved ones who bother you, and see Me work, just like the star, to you it doesn't seem like one, cos of the way it blinks, or the shape of it, you even thought it was a satellite. But sometimes things really aren't what they seem."

So I left it there, and then moments later got a call, saying that money isn't needed anymore cos some money deposited in a vcd rental shop got back to the person who needed it. And its the exact amount cos no vcd was rented in a long time and a sum had to be deducted. Its CRAZY!!! God really is working, so told him that its a miracle, even though he doesn't believe in God and may not like to hear that, but couldn't care less cos God really was working!

So the next time you see a star, not sure whether its a plane, a satellite or even Superman? Just know that God knows our hearts deeply, more than we know ourselves. Just give yourself to Him and I mean your whole self! Watch Him work His awesome ways, even better than catching a shooting star which is just short-lived. His mercies are new every morning, and so are His blessings! So dont jump to conclusions that Jesus isn't there or not watching over you cos....