Saturday, November 2, 2013

Being a Boss

Few nights ago I finally managed to visit the much heard of Mamak here in Klang Valley. Prior to that, all I heard was how good it was and how the food there was delicious, and after three years of hearing all these, I finally got to visit it. Well, I personally think it was over-rated, but that would not change the minds of the hundreds of customers who goes there every night to get a table at the (estimate) 100 meter long line of tables.

Which made me wonder how much did the big boss pay bribe to have the allowance of tables laid out so far wide in front of all the other shops by the roadside and how much he actually earned. Seeing  the amount of rental he got to save on because he was practically using the properties of others just because they weren't operating at night.

As I was eating, two things went through my head:

1. Where did all these tables come from? I'm not sure the one unit restaurant could have housed all these.
2. Poor workers, having to run along about a 100 meter long table trail to take orders, remember orders and go back and forth.

Talk about the mind power and energy needed cos there were no table numbers! It just boggled me, how they could handle such a crowd every night. But what strike me most was how much these workers were being paid. I heard that this business had been so successful that other branches are open elsewhere so the big boss must be earning big bucks!

I'm no entrepreneur, and I doubt I have the mind for it too, but I do believe that the boss is rich enough to live a comfortable life with more money to spare. Sometimes I feel like if I were a boss, how much would I pay my workers. If we climb that high to the top and have more than we need, why not raise the salary of these workers? In turn, their way of life will be improved and their children will have the education they need (despite whichever land they come from). This world will be a better place, ain't it? We actually have nothing to loose.

 Maybe its not that simple? Maybe its just the idealistic part of me, but sometimes I feel that something can still be done. (Just thinking out loud, lol!)