Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh I cant wait... !

Tomorrow is a new day
And oh how I cant wait
To see the kids
And how they aged

My thoughts and curiosity
Would be cured by tomorrow
How tall have they grown?
Do they look older now?
More mature in behavior?
Or still the same?

But Wait!
I don't want them to grow so fast
Cos that means that I'll also grow
And get older
Something I don't desire

They were cute in they're own ways
Naughty on some playful days
Some always in a daze
Others good at making funny face

I miss them all oh so badly
Kept thinking bout them through my holiday
But now holidays are over
And we're gonna start all over!

Never thought I'll be so happy
Back to the routine embedded in me
I know we always say routine is boring
But its the element of the core!
The core of our schedule where everything is decided

If we let our lives all go wild
And loosen ourselves on responsibilities
Than man won't really have a purpose to live for
Or to even live for a purpose

As for me I know my purpose right her right now
Its to be someone to the kids
To portray God's love and laugh with them
Play and sing nursery rhymes
Give them the childhood they deserve
And let them know God is who we should love
Those innocent minds
God broke the mold when He created them
That's why I'm excited
And just can wait to see them!

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