Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catch me?

When I fall so hard
Harder than what I desire
Deep down to my deepest low
Where hurt and anxiety grow
And no one else know
Would You catch me?

When I tumble in a rumble
Getting dirty on the way down
With guilt as dirt upon me
Where darkness is all I see
And everything seems mean
Would You catch me?

When I trip by the cliff
Not expecting it
Getting all caught up by accident
Thinking back on my carelessness
Trying to find the trigger of how I fell
Would You catch me?

When I crumble and break down
Not knowing how things turn out
And everything seems out of control
Faster than a rolling stone
In a dilemma and ready to faint
Would You catch me?

When I fall down deep
And all I do is weep
Bringing back memories
Of being gullible, silly and naive
When I'm caught more dumb than innocent
Would You catch me?

When I fall into my past regrets
Of the choices and decisions wrongly done
Do I deserve a second chance
Even If I fall again and again
Into decisions unforeseen
Would You catch me?

When I fall into things of this world
Rather than depend on the One more Worthy
Leaving prayer & the bible for last
Making my fun on Facebook a blast
Falling so pitifully into the trap of satan
Would You catch me?

When I fall into the numerous pressures
That this world has to offer
From peers to work and everything in between
It all looks appealing but makes me fall in morality
Cos they're packaged by deceiving
Would You catch me?

But this one's different
My personal exception
For the moment I fall in Your love
The feeling afresh
All I wanna do is stay that way forever
So please don't catch me......

1 comment:

ps lili said...

I like this. So well said and written. Hmm..identified with you. Something to share with you for the beginning of year 2010.

This time I will praise the Lord" (Gen 29:35). Leah never learned to focus and gain her security, acceptance and contentment in the Lord until she bore the 4th son, Judah. The 1st four sons were bore to captivate her husband's attention - Reuben (to hear); Simeon (to see); Levi (to attached). When she finally understood her all is in God, she named the 4th son Judah (praise) and she uttered - This time I will praise the Lord.

Yes, this time I will praise the Lord. In all circumstances, good or bad. Year 2010 may be filled with uncertainties; but in God, all is certain and in control by Him.

Choose to praise the Lord despite all and in all circumstances. That's what makes year 2010 well-lived.

And I know you will on.

By Ps Lili (Singapore)