Saturday, January 16, 2010

Music, more than we think

Almost everybody likes it
I don't see why anyone shouldn't
For it's like balm to our soul

The power of music is more than we think
It can give us joy
Move us to tears
And soothe our worst fears

Relive great memories
Drive out insecurities
Catches our full attention
To the sound of it's rhythm

I love music
But I have to be careful
To the music I choose
And the lyrics within

Mom has been nagging me
About the music in the car
The songs on the radio
Making me drive all crazy

That's the power of music
It get's the whole of you
Lyrics in your head
Not looking on the road ahead

But the music we listen to
Can be very encouraging, as well as damaging
Songs that tell us to reach our dreams
Others telling us to "pull the trigger"

It can build us up or even tear us down
Putting into our minds
Negative elements
The scary part? We're subconscious

We don't know that this songs we hear
Sometimes determine our demeanor
Subconsciously nasty words are downloaded
Nasty acts fully loaded

So to watch my mouth
I have to watch my ears
On what they hear
And what enters

I'll choose gospel for now
Hillsongs and Planetshakers
Making me think of His awesomeness
The wonderful gifts He gave us

There's so much genre out there
What should I choose?
I better be careful
For music is more than I think...

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