Thursday, August 14, 2014

Overlooked Wonders

Amanda Cook from Bethel Church sang a spontaneous song- Wonder, and every time I find myself unsatisfied, tired or bored with life, I sing that song over myself, reminding my "knowing" that there is really wonder out there, His wonder. Reminiscing into free worship she sings...

"May we never lose our wonder,
May we never lose our wonder,
Wide eyes and mystified,
Let me be just like a child,
Staring at the beauty of my King."

And lately in Liverpool, I've been more aware of the "overlooked wonders" surrounding me. Minute details of everyday life, natural science evolving around me, creating wonders curtaining the scientific involvement of different matter, evolving through time and space, exemplified into the most simple outcomes most of this world has forgotten...

Like how the flip side of our pillow is always cold despite the many hours we lay our heads on it.
Or how head bands stay tight along your hairline for the whole day despite the size of your head.
How eggs can be cooked in so many incredible ways and still taste so good despite varying in matter.
Or even how fabric is formed with really tiny lines crisscrossing each other in becoming that t-shirt you're wearing.

Or how as a young adult I still see that same three stars aligned in a straight line as when I was a little girl.
How two people connect with intangible chemistry yet feelings so strong it moves them to take action.
How mathematical questions were formed with solutions, ending up in everyday education being solved by everyday students.
And how six strings on a guitar tuned right become harmonious with wooden keys on a piano.

How a dog connects with its master and friend, knowing when things are not right
How simple words from a loved one can make the hair on your neck tingle
Or even how unstable people can ride a two wheel bicycle stably
Or how the color of leaves can change with the season

How babies grow up to be six feet tall, changing in emotions, mindsets and physicality
How music heals the soul
How we cannot see God but know with all our hearts that He is there
And how we can hear Him in the most mysterious ways, through objects, movies and strangers

All these are but wonderful overlooked wonders... They're everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes we need to take a step back to see. While we're waiting at the traffic light, before we pen down our hearts in a journal, before taking that picture with a camera, we may never get the answers and solutions to all of them, scientifically proven but not scientifically understood by the laymen, giving us even more of the chance to marvel at creation.

No matter how old I grow or how long this journey takes, one thing I know, I'd never want to lose my wonder, of the wonderful things that surrounds. 

Photo: "Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day."- Shira Tamir #liverpool #leaf
"Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day."- Shira Tamir. (Now that's another wonder.)

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